20 Dec

Tree Planting Tips From Tame Your Garden

Tree Planting Tips

When to plant a tree?

October to April is the best time to plant trees. The tree roots cope better with movement at this time of the year as they are dormant.

The ground is easier to dig in the colder months and less maintenance is required (watering and pruning) due to cooler temperatures.

The trees will be able to establish it’s root system in winter, ready for growth in the Spring and Summer months.

Where to plant a tree?

Avoid planting when trees if the ground is frozen or water logged.

Make sure your tree will get plenty of sunshine.

If deliberating over planting a tree near a fence don’t choose a tree that will grow too tall and wide, with huge overhanging branches and underground large roots which will travel across your boundary and possibly disrupt fence posts. Tall, narrow or short trees are best located near fences.

Consider the future of your tree; possible falling branches, shade, pine cones, fruit or blossom which might fall from the tree.

What is on the other side of your boundary which will fall under the canopy? A neighbour’s garden, car park, footpath?

Also worth mentioning; watch out for where the sewer pipes are running under the ground which may become disrupted by tree roots.

In a village location you may still find power lines running across the street, watch out for those!

Once you have planted your tree, keep it watered, you can also invest in tree specific fertiliser and plant food.

Keep your tree maintained

Monitor the growth of the tree.

Prune the tree at the right time of year, depending on the tree species.

Watch out for branches which get damaged in the wind, falling branches or those with the potential to fall.

Pollarding is a job best carried out in the winter. Often if you inherit a tree it might be slightly out of control or not tree maintenance hasn’t been kept up. It is best to keep on top of these things for the health of your tree and your bank balance.

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