We have been laying a lot of turf lately, so thought it might be useful to share some important aftercare with you. We will supply you with good quality turf, prepare the ground and lay the turf, but the job doesn’t end there. These new rolls of turf need extra tlc until they have settled in. If you don’t take good care of the turf after it has been laid it might shrink, it may even die.

You must give your turf the best chance, especially when it has been a dry spell.

  1. Water the turf regularly, you must not let it dry
  2. Keep off the grass! Don’t walk on it, park your car on it, put the kids slide on it for now
  3. Don’t get the mower out too soon! Let it settle and grow
  4. When you do start to mow, take it easy, mow slowly, on a high cut in dry weather
  5. Tidy up and leaves, sticks, rubbish or anything that drops onto your new lawn


Try to water your lawn at least twice a day (not in the burning hot sun!) a hose will make your life easier than trotting back and forth with a watering can. You need those grass roots to grow and get established in your garden.

Cutting the grass

They say that if you can pull a handful of grass and on;t see any movement in the turf, its ready to cut. Use your judgement, usually we’d expect it to take a couple of weeks or so.

Your lawn mower is of course an important factor in lawn care, (unless you have a gardener cutting it regularly) the blades must be sharp to give you a neat cut and not ripping at your lawn.

During colder months:

If you experience a frost on your newly turfed garden, be extra careful not to walk on it.

Keep the leaves off, the piles of soggy brown leaves will stunt the growth of your grass and might leave looking a bit patchy. Just like any plant life, grass needs sunlight and ventilation, a pile of old leaves can put your lawn at risk of disease.

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