March is here! Spring is coming! The daffodils are blooming, the crocuses are shooting up and the tulips are about to open… we love this time of year at Tame Your Garden. The mower is back out for the regular garden maintenance customers of Milton Keynes! The first cut is never the easiest, so if your grass is getting out of hand in the sunshine after all that rain, make sure you get the grass cut. 

What jobs are your garden ready for you to tackle?

The Pots

Take a look at the pot plants you have had tucked away from the frost and make sure they aren’t too thirsty, our geraniums are starting to flower!


The Roses

Prune your rose bushes, we have had a few flowers on ours, which got blown away in storm whatever its name was, so no time like the present whether they are bushes or climbers, to get the roses bushes ship shape. If you are serious about your roses, treat them to some mulch or manure on top of the soil.


The Lawn

If you are going to tackle the first cut, make sure you have the blade on a high setting, for the sake of your mower, your lawn and your back.

The Buddleia

Dust off the secateurs or loppers, depending on how thick your buddleia branches are to prune. The next prime opportunity for pruning buddleia is May.


The Bulbs

The daffs, crocuses and tulips might be looking lovely, but they won\’t be there forever s get your summer bulbs planted. Some of the spring for summer planting options include: lilies, dahlias, gladiolus, all beautiful brights!

The Pests

Slugs and snails will be on the prowl to eat up your lovely garden as temperatures in the garden warm up, keep a lookout and choose how you plan to keep these beasties away from your plants.


The Veggie Patch

What can you sow in March? Here are just a few ideas…

Broan beans






Early potatoes (most prefer April be careful which you plant)

Onions and spring onions





If you haven’t got time to take care of it, but you love to enjoy your garden on the weekends get in touch. Much like a cleaner we can pop round when you are out and ‘viola!’ you come home to a perfectly tended garden. We usually suggest bi-weekly gardening visits, depending on the time of year and weather conditions. As a gardening company we quote on seeing the garden, we like to check out how to access the garden and see its current state which allows us to provide you with a quote specific to the needs of your garden. 


At Tame Your Garden we offer regular visits, or one-offs from tidy ups to tree work, to get you started in Spring, or if you have moved into a new property which needs a bit of work! We work with homeowners, tenants, landlords, estate agents, letting agents and business owners, on courtyards to car parks and front gardens to sports grounds, GP surgeries to schools. We have been up and running as a family business for 7 years this month, prior to this having worked as part of the Frosts installation team, contracts with Parks Trust and voluntarily looking after churchyards!

Get in touch today for a quote for your garden, we operate between Buckingham and Milton Keynes, out to Cranfield, Bedford and Leighton Buzzard.

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