We have had a busy summer keeping the gardens of Milton Keynes in perfect shape for BBQ’s and hot tub parties, but the garden maintenance doesn’t stop here. Now is the time to care of those other jobs in the garden and get planning for 2020.

Spring bloom

Although it’s September, it’s time to start thinking about your Spring garden. Now is the perfect time to plant spring flowering bulbs including crocus, daffodils and hyacinths. Get planting before the frost comes!

Tips when buying bulbs:

  • Plant them within a week of buying them
  • Look for bulbs that are firm and not shrivelled and soft
  • Don’t buy bulbs with signs of mould on
  • They say the bigger the bulb, the ore they will flower
  • Don’t buy bulbs where you can already see a shoot

Common mistakes when planting bulbs:

  • Planting them the wrong way up, if in doubt plan them on their side
  • Planting too deep or not deep enough
  • Check the label for sunlight needs of your bulbs, most love sunshine as opposed to being planted under a tree
  • Planting bulbs too close together
  • Avoid planting them if the ground is really hard and dry
  • Don’t overwater the bulbs
  • Plant tulips later (November)

Get the last from your summer garden

Deadhead perennials, roses and dahlias to keep the flowers coming for as long as possible. Once rambling and climbing roses have finished it’s time to prune them.

Fruity gardens

It’s time to pick apples and blackberries! Clear up around the strawberry plants, remove straw etc to avoid making a nice home for pests! Remove any rotten fruit from raspberry bushes, strawberry plants and pears, apples, plums etc left on trees otherwise your risk disease. Cut back raspberry canes.

Autumn lawn care

Look after your lawn by clearing up fallen fruit and fallen leaves. Now is the perfect time for turfing.

Tree planting

If you have been planning to plant shrubs and trees, we are coming up to the best time of the year to do it.


Get on top of your hedges whilst the birds aren’t nesting in there with their eggs.

About Tame Your Garden

Tame Your Garden provides garden maintenance services to domestic homes to commercial industrial estate properties to dental surgeries and more. We offer everything from hedge cutting and turfing, to laying gravel, tidying up neglected gardens, grass cutting and more, on a one-off or regular basis to keep your garden looking it’s best.