27 Feb

March jobs for the garden – the first day of Spring is around the corner!

20th March is the first official day of Spring. Forget being bikini body ready, 2019 is all about preparing your garden. The Met Office has predicted that 2019 could be the hottest on record! With a scorcher in mind, you need to buy a fan (we all saw the desperate posts on Facebook last year) and get your garden ready for those blissfully warm BBQ evenings and paddling pool/hot tub weekends.

No matter how large or small your garden, it’s all yours. Your outdoor space which you deserve to enjoy without some pesky brambles at the bottom of it shrinking the area that you have, or weeds spilling across the edges of your patio. Tame Your Garden can advise you and help you to get your garden presentable this year:

Garden jobs checklist for March:

  1. Look after the lawn

Last year might have left your lawn dry and damaged after dehydration, if the signs of recovery are slow, you can opt for regular lawn treatments to bring it back to life! Lawn treatments will also remove the nasty moss patches from your grass. It will take more than one treatment to revive your lovely green grass, but you will be rewarded with a luscious green lawn.

If you have left the lawn to get a little bit overgrown, start mowing on warm days. Keep the length maintained, the longer it grows, the thicker and coarser your lawn will be. With regular cuts the lawn will improve dramatically, but regular mows and the answer to a nice-looking lawn.

  1. What to plant in March?

Get ready with your Summer flowering bulbs. If you missed out and forget to get your bulbs in during the winter months, now is the time not to make the same mistake. Bulbs are cheap and easy to plant, with maximum impact when they come bursting out of the ground. Lilies and gladiolus are the perfect choice. Wildflowers and sweet peas can also be planted now, ideal for the bees and butterflies.

  1. Get fruity

Don’t be afraid to grow your own. This is a great time to plant low maintenance fruit bearing plants and trees. Believe it or not March is a great time to get your strawberry plants in the ground or hanging basket. Rhubarb can be planted at this time as well as all manner of fruit trees; cherry, apple, plum and apricot.


  1. Time for veggies

Carrots, peas, beans, beetroot, spinach the whole hog can go in the garden now.

  1. Clean your mucky patio

Move the pots, chiminea and bins, then you will see what colour your patio used to be. Now is the time to get the patio pressure washed, before all of your lovely flowered pots and wooden garden furniture is out across the patio.



  1. Pruning

Prune early flowering clematis, bushes and climbing roses, for controlled growth and to encourage more flowers in the warmer months.

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Tame Your Garden provides garden maintenance services to domestic homes to commercial industrial estate properties to dental surgeries and more. We offer everything from hedge cutting and turfing, to laying gravel, tidying up neglected gardens, grass cutting and more, on a one-off or regular basis to keep your garden looking it’s best.