20 Apr

Tree Care: Is Ash Dieback in your garden?

Have you seen anything that looks a bit like this in your garden? If it’s a yes, we’re afraid it’s bad news. What you see here is called Ash Dieback, a fungus which can sadly affect any ash trees of any age, younger trees being worse affected.

If you have spotted this in your garden it is important to take action. The experts tell us thay Ash Dieback will kill up to 95% of ash trees across the UK. This is not only harmful to the ash trees themselves but threaten many species which rely on ash.

What are the signs?

🌳Leaves develop dark patches in the summer.
🌳Leaves wilt &discolour to black
🌳Leaves may shed early
🌳Dieback of the shoots and leaves is visible in the summer.
🌳Lesions where branches meet the trunk (often diamond-shaped and dark brown?
🌳 Inner bark can appear brown/grey beneath lesions.
🌳New growth further down the trunk, a common response to stress in trees.

What should you do about it?

Talk to a professional arborist/tree surgeon. Tree surgeons aren’t just all about chopping down trees, but understanding the health of trees.

Weakened trees
Lesions often associated with Ash Deiback can weaken trees and make them more prone to falling. Where this could pose a safety hazard, e.g. next to a road, footpath/walkway or overhanging a driveway etc, trees should be managed carefully, and where necessary be pruned or felled.

Dead trees
Prone to fall or collapse, dead trees mean dead branches which are likely to break and fall. As above, felling should be considered to avoid damage and safety issues.

Reducing the spread of the disease
Clearing fallen leaves may disrupt the fungus’s life cycle and slow down the impact of Ash Dieback. Burn, bury or compost the leaves.

Uninfected ash trees
Don’t fell or reduce uninfected ash trees as a precautionary measure.

📷 Kew Gardens
INFO: BBC & Arborist Association

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