26 Mar

10 Gardening Jobs for April

April Showers and Easter bank holiday weekend are coming and it’s touch and go whether we’ll get the sunshine.  What we do know is people love to book a Gardener in April with bank holiday weekends in May and the Easter weekend, gardeners become in demand so if you are looking for someone to help you with April garden maintenance jobs now is the time to get booked in.

10 jobs to get done in the garden during April are:

1 Weeding.

2  It’s time to tie up the climbing roses.

3  Time to get started on the lawn treatment or grass seeding.

4  Prune fig trees.

5  Prepare your vegetable patch for the growing season.

6  Check-in  on your potted and container plants that you might have had tucked away for the winter.

7  Divide primroses when they finish flowering.

8  Pinch out the tips of your fuchsias and your sweet peas to make sure that you get an extra bushy plant this summer.

9  Prune forsythia.

10 Dead head the daffodils and the Tulips when they have finished flowering.

There are of course a load of other jobs you can also be doing in the garden now,  you should have done your first grass cut, it’s also a great time for jet washing patios pathways and driveways particularly if you haven’t got the garden furniture or barbecue out yet. A chance to clean out the greenhouse, check wkat old bulbs are floating around and make plans for your 2019 garden. The nesting season is between March and August so be really careful if you’re considering any tree work or hedge cutting or even ivy which is grown up around the walls of your house which could be home to some of our little feathered friends.

There are many plants and seeds which can be sown during April depending on the weather. Things seem to be warming up now,  so in terms of flowers you can be planting sunflowers, nasturtium, petunias, marigolds, in terms of food we can be planting basil, tomato, sweet pepper, runner beans, french beans, salad, beetroot, radish, turnip, pickling onions, peas, spinach and more.

About Tame Your Garden

Tame Your Garden provides garden maintenance services to domestic homes to commercial industrial estate properties to dental surgeries and more. We offer everything from hedge cutting and turfing, to laying gravel, tidying up neglected gardens, grass cutting and more, on a one-off or regular basis to keep your garden looking it’s best.